Carnegie Library, Syracuse University

April 28 - May 16, 2011

The net for "Das Meer" was constructed from hundreds of rejected t-shirts and a couple pairs of trousers that were hand- cut, tied, dyed, and netted before 60 windows. The shape of the graph represents the idea of an algorithm in which a solution is ultimately found in the end and stops. Or on the other hand, you are left with no solution but rather endless strands of possibilities. The oceanic net is made of former clothing to show how even most of the clothing we wear is infused with plastic and in contact with us everyday. Could it be that we are just as much in contact with plastic as the ocean is?

As you walk into the netted oceanic algorithm, you can decide whether there is no solution or if the graph continues with endless possibilities.

A special thank you to everyone who helped make this exhibit possible: Sarah Saulson, Anne Cofer, Mary Giehl, Timothy Westbrook, Allison Thurnherr, Phillip Evans, Alex Biegler, Sarah Wilson, Kelly Cave, Jessica Zehr, Joel Weissman, Casey Landerkin, Mary DeCarlo, Pat O'Malley, Zach Dunn, Rolf Sandberg, and Matthias Gröne.

Das Meer - The Net

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